Tales of Illusion

References & Customer Feedback

TeamEscape Christmas-party 2015

A 30 Minute program with an audience of around 50

„At our Christmas-party we had the pleasure of being entertained by Swann Magic. It was a great show – the amazing illusions, witty humor and audience involvement had our whole team entertained!“

Dennis Jos (COO)

Benefit Gala in Kissing 2015

A short program with an audience of around 300

[…]or multiply like the vermouth bottles and glasses each time the „hat“ was raised on the table of the magician Swann. A person from Cologne (as we learned in the interview) offered a show, whose better could not be found on TV. Even before he took the stage, he won the hearts of the women: Anita Wolf, wife of the mayor, clearly enjoyed the spontaneous dance. After which and to cool music a stubborn handkerchief danced without any discernible physical connection to Swann. Even banishment to an absinthe glass could not help, the little dervish suddenly began, once again, to dance, this time to the sounds of „Mana-mana“.[…]

Augsburger Allgemeine


Athlete Awards 2014 & 2016

2 Programs, each 20 minutes with around 150 viewers

„A great stage setting with light and shadow, produced with Swanns own lighting system; drew the audience into its spell; I have rarely seen an audience behave to quietly, waiting for the next highlight. Swann had a powerful charisma, strong stage presence and created a mystical atmosphere. The inclusion of the audience into his show was also positive. Only positive feedback came from the guests at the event! I will continue to warmly recommend him to others!“

Friedbert Hamacher (Organizer)