Tales of Illusion

Coaching - Bring your performance to the front of the show!

  • You want to improve your current act?
  • You want to develop your stage presence?
  • You need a choreography for your act?
  • You want a completely new act for your?

Then Andreas Omasics can help you!

Through his 20 years of experience in various areas, like classical theater, contemporary theater, dance theater, musical, magic and martial arts… he can make your act successful.

How, where and for how long will we rehearse?

How long you work on your act, depends on your act itself and what you can imagine (at this step I can also provide recommendations). Feel free to send Andreas a video link or he can view one of your shows. Only after he has seen your act, can he judge, how much work is required. Fixed times will then be arranged.

A range of possibilities exist for the location of the training/work. You yourself can procure a location or Andreas can handle it. In most cases he can find a solution through his many contacts in the performance field and school.

First and foremost Andreas will review your act, then discussing with you your ideas, creative concerns and how you would like to see your show change. Then the creative process can begin. He will use your personality and skills to improve and round out your act. Dont fret! Andreas will never force you into a role that you do not fit into or feel comfortable in. However it can be, that something completely different than expected develops. Openness is extremely important at this step!

What does it cost?

As Andreas cannot say exactly how much work is required (which may be 2-4 hours or a few days), a gross hourly fee of 50.00 euros is charged. You can assess during the initial trial if you want to continue working with him.

Travel expenses, accommodation or any location costs are not included in the hourly rate.

References from artists, with whom Andreas has previously worked:

“Swann has the rare talent of being able to look at an act and be able to recognize what’s needed to elevate it from just a demonstration of skill to a performance piece.

I couldn’t be happier that Swann has been choreographing my acts for the last three years. His background as a dancer means that he brings valuable skills to the table most magicians miss. Working with him makes me confident that my script will be linked to my movements and that all I do on stage conveys a sense of purpose.

My act “Ralph” has won several awards such as “Dutch Champion of Mentalism 2014 – 2015” and “Best European Mentalist 2016 – 2017″ and Swann’s coaching has helped me get the act to where it is now.

Funny, flexible, and skilled – Swann is an absolutely fantastic coach I recommend to any performer and I hope to be working with for a while yet.”

Timon Krause (Mentalist, Hypnotiseur aus Amsterdam)

„Andreas supported and coached me in the development of an emotional final number for my solo program. Without him, the piece would certainly not have become so good and would not consistently being audience members to tears. Andreas had an excellent understanding of body language and dramaturgy. He knows very well what he is doing and how best to make it understood to his counterpart. Without reservations I can recommend Andreas as a coach for stage acts! Thank you! “

Christopher Köhler (Comedy Magician)