Tales of Illusion

3 different characters - fantastic possibilities

Enchanting Magic and Illusion Shows.

Illusions, music, acting, dance and light merge to create a memorable show, not soon to be forgotten.

Owing to 15 years of magic and illusion experience now you can make your event a unique experience too!

Cash in on 20 years of stage experience. Whether classical or contemporary plays, in musicals, dance theater or cabaret, Andreas Omasics has a diverse background on stage, both throughout Germany and internationally.

Enthrall your guests like many other satisfied customers; watch them marvel, laugh and dream.

Andreas Omasics comes in three different flavors – three roles, suitable for any occasion. You decide what kind of world you and your guests will be visiting for your Event.

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Swing It!

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Magic and Illusion

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Videos & Impressions

Get an impression of the performances of Sam , Swann and Serge

Photos & Impressions from Appearances

Magical moments from past Performances.